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When a patient reaches out to us at NoseContour, a specialised Rhinoplasty centre in Hyderabad, it is our unmitigated dedication to understand their desires and concerns regarding their nose. We take it upon ourselves to assess expectations and reality based on the structural presentation that differs from person to person. Our expert surgical team has the expertise and knowledge of advanced techniques to give the best results to enhance the facial harmony for every patient. However, it goes without saying that we also believe in helping the patient rein in their expectations even before the procedure, so as to remain within the realms of possibilities given the structure of their existing features.

It is this commitment to achieve the most natural looking outcomes that allows us to improve appearances and give them a lifetime of self-confidence in how they look. Coupled with transparent communication from the very first pre-procedure consultation and utmost personalised care and support thereafter, we at NoseContour stand by utmost commitment to the best possible results and patient satisfaction.

Rhinoplasty procedures vary according to the goals, techniques used as well as based on the aspects of the cosmetic enhancement, functional transformation or a combination of both, based on the patient’s needs and choice.

Types of Rhinoplasty

Among the vast majority of Rhinoplasty patients, those who choose qualified and experienced Rhinoplasty surgeons to perform their procedures are usually satisfied with their results. In many cases, even a minute change to the structure of the nose, sometimes as little as a few millimeters, can produce drastic and pleasing results.

Rhinoplasty is a tailor-made operation. No patient has exactly the same nose deformity, and most of the time, a combination of various types of procedures is required to achieve the desired result. At the end of the surgery, the final shape of the nose should match the face, and the individual should be satisfied with the end result. Only then do I consider it a successful result.

Open or Closed Rhinoplasty?

Depending on the approach, Rhinoplasty is classified as either Closed or Open Rhinoplasty. In the closed method, the cuts or incisions are entirely concealed inside the nose. However, this approach cannot be performed in all cases, as sometimes the results are compromised.

In the most commonly performed open method, most of the incisions are still made inside, but only a tiny cut is made on the columella, which is much below the tip. As these incisions also become invisible over time and this approach offers better working space, the results are often better.

Augmentation Rhinoplasty

It means augmenting or increasing the height of the nose by placing a graft on the nose dorsum.

It will be performed by either open or closed method.

It is offered for those clients complaining about the low height of the nose and seeking an increase in their nose height.

The material used as the graft can be a natural material from their body or an artificial implant.

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This is opposite to augmentation Rhinoplasty.
It will be performed by either the open or closed method.
The hump may involve bone, cartilage, or both components.
In this procedure, hump resection and bridge molding will be done.
The skin will be conformed to the new nose shape smoothly.

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Tip Plasty

It is mainly an operation on the nose tip

Clients commonly complain about nose tip problems such as a bulbous nose tip, asymmetry, fatty nose tip, low height, or excess height of the nose tip.

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Crooked or Deviated Nose Correction

Common reasons for deviated noses include:

  • Trauma or fracture that healed in an abnormal position.
  • Previous surgery performed before nose growth was completed.
  • Genetic factors causing the nose to grow in a deviated manner.
Correction of deviated noses is an intricate operation that should consider both the functional and aesthetic aspects of the nose. In this procedure, both cartilage and bone deviations need to be corrected, and grafts are usually required.

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Vectra 3D Imaging

Vectra 3D imaging is a state-of-the-art imaging system. You can now see how your Rhinoplasty results will look before and after surgery. Necessary adjustments can be made in Vectra and surgical decisions can be taken based on these simulations.  It helps you make a confident choice.

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Cleft Nose Rhinoplasty

This is a typical nose deformity seen in individuals born with a cleft palate.
Cosmo-Surgery for the nose is performed after the nose growth is completed.
The nose tip and nostrils are the main areas that require attention during the surgery.

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