Why does my nose is bent? how do I deal with it?

Today, I would like to write about deviated nasal deformity, as Rhinoplasty/nose job on these noses is always difficult and stimulating.

We come across these patients/ clients with various reasons for their deviated nasal deformity.

Reasons for bent nose

  • No reason just nose grew like that with age; we call it as developmental
  • An injury of the nose, treated, untreated or ill-treated

Of these you may belong to any one of the following groups

  • Got operated once or twice
  • Never underwent any surgery on their nose

Regarding nasal breathing function;

  • Normal breathing
  • Resistance / block in the breathing

Why and who and needs treatment?

  • Wants relief in the breathing resistance
  • Wants appealing shape of the nose

Suggested treatment for bent nose:

Septorhinoplasty is the surgery to be performed any time, after completion of 17 years of age. Crucial thing about this surgery is performing both breathing correction and shape correction in single sitting.

I would like to stress that, technically, Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty should be done in one go no staging to achieve best results.

Anatomically/ scientifically, where is the exact bend in the nose:

  • Bony bend
  • Cartilage may be external or internal
  • External means visible one i.e. mobile part of the nose, which we normally able to make side-to-side movements by pinching the nose.
  • Internal means, nasal septum, which is a wall like structure, which separates our nose in to left and right cavities and nostrils

Principles of surgery

The goal of treatment on these deviated noses is to bring the nose in right shape and nasal septum in the midline achieving a functional and Aesthetic nose

Here I will show you two examples of deviated noses:

First case is, no injury, no surgery in the past just developmental Second case underwent surgery but did not improve the shape

Case Example 1: here is a 27 years male with sever deviation; single stage septorhinoplasty done successfully. See the images before and after surgery.

Bent Nose Man - 1
bent nose man - 2

Case Example: 2

Here is a 30 years lady underwent Rhinoplastya year back for enhancing the nose shape, resulted in this deformity i.e. in the Image

bent nose woman

When I opened the nose for revision surgery, we found there is bend in the dorsum/ roof of the nose as shown in the below

We performed the correction of this cartilage curve with another piece of cartilage as opposing force and re-fixed in the proper position and succeeded imparting a straight and functional nose

The resulting appearance change of nose after the surgery can be seen in the Image