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Dear friend,

Rhinoplasty is a surgery performed to improve one's nose shape by correcting the existing nose deformity. Nose is the central compositions of human face on which even a slight modification either good or bad cannot be overlooked by an observer; probably this is the philosophy behind the origin of an operation called Rhinoplasty/ Nose reshape surgey.

Nose shapes differ depending on the ethnic origin of an individual, the structure of the Indian noses are different from the African and Caucasian noses. Although principles of the surgery are same but the nose tissue configuration, shape and skin thickness are different in different ethnic origins.

Various deformities I come across in my practice are low nasal bridge, hump nose deformity, wide nasal pyramid, bulky nose tip, wide nostrils and crooked i.e deviated noses. The only heading set to correct any of the above deformities is Nose Reshaping or Rhinoplasty Surgery. That means rhinoplasty is a tailor made operation performed to correct according to the requirements of that deformity.

The most important factor in executing the Rhinoplasty Surgery is the deformity perception by the client and Nose surgeon, that means the misshapenness perceived by the client/patient and the surgeon should match otherwise there is no point in discussing outcome of the procedure.

Then who will perform rhinoplasty Surgery? Either a Plastic surgeon or an ENT surgeon, both are performing this operation all over the world but everybody will agree the fact that ENT surgeon will be well versed with the functional aspects of the nose and a Plastic surgeon is more familiar with the aesthetic aspects of the nose but both are essential in Nose Reshaping Surgery. Dear friend there are few people trained in both ENT and Plastic surgery in India, I am one of them who is performing and involved in Rhinoplasty surgery in India for the past 15 years.

Regarding the results of the Rhinoplasty Surgery,I can assure you few steps improvement of the clients nose, as one assumes standing on a stepladder. So as a client when you visit the surgeon you should always find out few important aspects like experience, his or her own series of case results, and cosmetic and functional aspects of the nose.

So try and find out preferably a surgeon trained in both ENT and Plastic surgery, experience of performing surgery in your ethnic nose origin, and documented results of surgeries performed his/her own.


Venkata Ramana

Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon

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