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Rhinoplasty Surgery in India

Types of Rhinoplasty with case to case discriptions

The vast majority of rhinoplasty patients who choose qualified surgeons to perform their surgery are satisfied with their results. In many cases, very slight changes to the structure of the nose — sometimes as little as a few millimetres — can produce drastic and pleasing results.

Rhinoplasty is a tailor made operation, no client has exactly similar nose deformity, and most of the times a combination of various types of procedures are required to be performed. At the end of the surgery the resulting shape the nose assumes should match to the face and client should satisfy with the result, then only I consider it as a successful result

Types of Rhinoplasty Surgery or Nose Reshaping Surgery

Depending on the approach it is classified as, closed and open rhinoplasty;

In closed method the cuts/incisions are totally concealed inside the nose

In open method the incisions are made inside only but a small cut is made on the columella i.e much below the tip, these incisions are also invisible over a period.

Augmentation Rhinoplasty
  • It means augmenting or increasing the height of the nose by placing a graft on the nose dorsum.
  • It will be performed by either open or closed method.
  • It is offered for those clients complaining low height of the nose and seeking the increase of their nose height.
  • The material used as the graft can be a natural material from their body or an artificial implant




Short nose, low nose bridge height and bulky nose tip.


Lengthening, tip thinning and bridge augmentation done

Rhinoplasty India

Nose Job India



Broad bony nose bridge and hump on the tip.


A combination of various steps required: In the below client, bridge narrowing was done along with the nose tip hump reduction was done.


Reduction Rhinoplasty

  • This is opposite to augmentation rhinoplasty
  • Here client complains excess height of their nose, ie hump appearance
  • The hump may involve bone or cartilage or both the components
  • In this procedure the hump resection and bridge molding will be done
  • Skin will be conformed to the new nose shape smoothly
Nose Reshaping

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Tip Plasty

  • It is mainly an operation on the nose tip
  • Client commonly complains about their nose tip problems like bulbous nose tip, asymmetry, fatty nose tip, low height or excess height of the nose tip.

Crooked or deviated nose correction

  • Common reasons for deviated noses are
  • Due to trauma or fracture got fixed in the abnormal position.
  • Due to previous surgery before nose growth is completed.
  • Sometimes it is genetic, nose grow in deviated manner.
  • Correction of deviated noses is an intricate operation
  • Should be done considering both functional and aesthetic aspects of the nose
  • In this procedure both cartilage and bone deviations required to be corrected.
  • Grafts are usually required in these procedures.
Rhinoplasty India

Rhinoplasty in India

Cleft Nose Rhinoplasty Surgery

  • This is a typical nose deformity seen in individuals born with cleft palate
  • Cosmo-Surgery for nose is performed after the nose growth is completed
  • Nose tip and nostrils are the main areas require attention during the surgery